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Larval Dispersal

Irish Sea

I am interested in how large-scale larval dispersal and connectivity will be affected by climate change. Since astronomical currents will be relatively unaffected by climate change, this is primarily by changes in the baroclinic (density-driven) and wind-driven currents. I run oceanographic models of various study regions and statistically derive dispersal kernels, based on assumptions of (vertical) larval behaviour. This emerging area of research has been supported by a NERC urgency grant (NE/E011268/1), the Isle of Man Government and INTERREG (EU). I collaborate with Michel Kaiser, Jan Hiddink, Shelagh Malham, Luis Gimenez and Peter Robins (all at Bangor University), and, in related research on jellyfish tracking, with Graeme Hays and Pat Lee (Swansea University) and Mike Dawson (University of California).

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